Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Hair Loss Reasons

You are a man and see more fallen hair strands on your hands every day. You are sure that you have been suffering from a major hair loss for some time but you do not know the reason. Hair loss reasons can vary according to how you experience them. There are different kinds of hair loss, the most known hair loss type is the male pattern baldness, the curse of the men… However, it is almost impossible for you to figure the real reason for your hair loss.

The first thing you should do about your hair loss is to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. The reason behind your hair loss may be a skin disease like alopecia areata in which the hair generally falls out in small patches. However, all over the scalp may be affected by alopecia areata as well. It is also possible to be hit by alopecia areata in the beard. Beard may suffer hair loss in small patches as well. However, the loss caused by alopecia areata in the beard is generally temporary and the lost beard hair will probably grow back. The hair is not guaranteed to return back if the alopecia areata is seen on the more front sides of the scalp.

Preventing Hair Loss

There are a couple of medication treatments in wich minerals and vitamins are injected into the scalp to feed the hair follicles. Most people who experience an entry-level hair loss try these treatments as their first move. However, these treatments are not considered a perfect solution for most of the hair loss types. They may be a bit successful for putting a pause on the hair loss but this is generally considered temporary.

The most successful way to fight against hair loss is a hair transplant surgery. Enough hair follicles from the donor area are used during a typical hair transplant surgery. These hair follicles are mostly resistant against the male pattern baldness that’s why you see people who’re front head is bald and the back of the head is full of hair.

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