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What Is Horseshoe Hair Loss and Its Reasons?

Horseshoe hair loss is one of the most common hair loss types among men. If you are currently suffering it or would like to learn more about it, then this guide is for you. We have discussed everything you may want to know about horseshoe hair loss!

What Is Horseshoe Hair Loss?

85% of men experience hair loss in their lifetime and unfortunately, horseshoe hair loss is the most common one. If you have never heard about horseshoe hair loss before, you may know it as male pattern baldness.

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem for the vast majority of men. Although today we can treat it with various methods, it can still be annoying for many men. Moreover, male pattern baldness or horseshoe hair loss is highly dependent on our genes.

If your father or grandfather has the same possibility then you may be going to suffer from it too. On the other hand, the underlying cause of horseshoe hair loss is not only the gene pool of your ancestors.

What Are the Underlying Causes of Horseshoe Hair Loss?

Although many men tend to blame their ancestors for this hair loss problem, they underestimate the other health problems.

For example, people with thyroid or anemia also suffer the same hair loss problems. In addition to this, if you consume high amounts of vitamin A, use blood thinners, anabolic steroids, you can suffer hair loss.

In general, men start to suffer horseshoe hair loss problems earlier than expected due to poor diet and iron deficiency.

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