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Hair Transplant Asian

A hair transplantation surgery is not just supposed to provide a certain hair density. There are several types of people in the world and there are also several types of hair depending on people’s ethnicity. There are wavy hair, straight hair, very curly or kinky hair, high-density hair, thin hair and so on…

These hair types are mostly based on the ethnicity of people. For example, Asians have very straight hair, they present a hight sense of hair follicles but there are fewer hairs on the scalp per square centimeter. Sometimes we see people joking to their Asian friends that they have a child’s hair. But there is something that they should know about the Asian hair; Asians are not cursed with male pattern baldness as much as the Caucasians are.

Characteristics of Asian Hair

Some people may take it as an offense but that’s not the point, Asian hair looks like a child’s hair. They consist of thin hair strands, they give a high-density look, actually, their density is not that much. They have more hair follicles but fewer hair strands include in these follicles.We don’t see many bald Asians because their hair is not predisposed to fall out like Caucasians. However, not every Asian male has lucky with their genetics, a considerable amount of them also face this curse.

There are numerous hair transplantation failure photos on the internet and most of them were caused by unskilled harvesting or plantation. In order to give the best natural look results, the hair follicles should be planted according to the patient’s ethnicity. For example, think about an Asian who suffers from his balding head and wants hair transplantation. If his surgeon plants his new hair follicles based on a black male hair, people will definitely notice the unnatural look on the guy and probably think that he had hair transplantation.

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