Learn More About Hair Transplantation

What Is NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

NeoGraft is a patented technology that is considered a game-changer in the hair restoration industry. This new technology managed to attract the attention of many patients from all around the world. Unlike other hair restoration techniques, surgeons do not have to open incisions on the donor area with the NeoGraft hair transplant method.

Instead, a special device removes healthy hair follicles with the suction method. Later on, it transplants these hair follicles to the operation area directly. During hair transplantation, the device automatically opens incisions for healthy transplantation.

How Long Does It Take for NeoGraft Hair to Grow?

NeoGraft hair transplantation offers the same hair loss treatment as other methods. It only differs in terms of the process. It is worth noting that hair growth highly depends on the patients’ scalps. Thus, treatments have minimal effect on this phenomenon.

Just like other hair restoration techniques, the transplanted hair will be shed in a couple of weeks. Patients can enjoy their new and healthy hair usually between four and six months. The results are permanent unless patients will take care of their health well.

How Much Does NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost?

As we noted before, NeoGraft hair transplant is the most recent hair restoration technique. The increasing demand for this treatment makes it a bit more expensive than traditional hair restoration techniques.

It is also worth noting that price may depend on various factors. Some of these are the size of the treatment area, the experience of the surgeon, and the reputation of the clinic. However, on average NeoGraft hair transplant costs around $10,000.

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