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Gym After Hair Transplant

Not so many people may have the chance to get the best hair transplant procedure. If you are so lucky to get one, it is inevitable that you may start thinking about the things that you can do or not during your recovery time. Working out in the gym is one of the most discussed issues when it comes to thinking about the hair transplant aftercare. Gym after hair transplant could be a little tricky because it is actually a time you need to rest your body, especially your scalp, not to exhaust it with such hard work.

Most people, especially young people work out every day. Medium or heavy lifting has become a part of our lives. However, they should be performed if you have good health or have not been in recovery after a surgical procedure. A hair transplant is an invasive aesthetic procedure and the body is exposed to anesthetic drugs administration as well. Your body needs rest and lots of water during your recovery. The most hair transplant failure cases are associated with the poor aftercare of newly transplanted hair. It is the easiest thing to blame the hair transplant surgeon when seeing your hair transplant failed which was actually your fault.

Can I Go To Gym After Hair Transplant

We said that a hair transplant is an invasive aesthetic procedure. Since every hair follicle is an organ in your body, both surgical areas in which hair follicles are extracted from and planted on will have wounds. These wounds will need some time to fully recover

Here is the thing that you should do: You need to give a break every activity and hobby that may make your scalp sweat including sex… The gym is associated with sweating, there will be no muscle build-up unless you do not sweat. Forcing your healing scalp to sweat with hard work like working out or sex may make your hair transplant fail.

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