Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Artificial Hair Implant

Almost every person knows a person who uses a wig to cover his bald head. And we all made jokes about people who use wigs because they are bald. The funny moments when people have accidents with their wigs are very famous when it comes to speaking of them. However, the age of wigs is over and people today consider getting an artificial hair implant. Artificial hair implants are one of the fastest trending aesthetic procedures on the market and the failure cases associated with them are almost none.

Artificial hair implants are not actually hair transplants. A hair transplant involves the moving of the existing hair follicles of a person to the recipient area of the same person. Hair follicles are the smallest organs of the body and that’s why these procedures are called hair transplantations. So this means that the person’s own hair used to cover the balding area.

When it comes to describing an artificial hair implant, the hair strands are made of synthetic fibers. They are not alive hair follicles and the only difference between an artificial hair implant and a wig is the plantation process. Wigs are manually attached to the scalp by the users, hair implant strands are planted individually on the scalp itself.

Artificial or Real Hair Implant

People can use real hair implants on their scalp if they do not have enough hair density on their back of the head. Donor area hair density is very important when it comes to real hair transplantation. Surgeons generally refuse candidates’ hair transplant requests when they see that the candidates do not have enough hair density on the back of their heads.

If you have a chance to get a real hair transplant, you should definitely get it because nothing looks more natural than a real hair transplant. Real hair implants are extracted from other people and used on different peoples. They are not alive hair follicles but they need special care after the procedure has been completed. They may need the same feeding as the scalp provides for the real alive hair follicles.

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