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Signs Of Hair Loss

There is no way to foresee if a person would suffer from a kind of hair loss or not. You can’t be so sure unless you notice that a high amount of hair fall starts at some point in your life. A receding hairline is probably one of the most famous signs of hair loss because balding people are mostly associated with the balding areas at those sides.

A healthy ordinary human hair loses 80-100 hair everyday, that’s considered the normal number. However, they are considered hair strands not the complete hair follicles. If you see hair follicles falling everyday, this means you’re suffering from a permanent hair loss, probably male pattern baldness.

There is another hair loss situation called diffuse hair loss. Difuse hair loss means that the complete hair density on the scalp decreases because of the equal hair loss on all scalp areas. Diffuse hair loss is not a common hair loss type, when it’s compared to the famous male hair loss type, male pattern baldness.

Individual hair follicles may go thin because of hereditary factors or irregular eating and drinking habits. People should use hair care products which are suitable for their hair.

If you see so many hair strands falling while taking a shower, this may be bad news for you, asl well. However, if you take shower (especially hot one) too often than normal, you will probably speed up your hair loss.

If you want to stop the hair fall, you should schedule your showers. If you take a shower too much, you need to decrease this because hot water makes your hair follicles loosen and detach from the scalp eventually causes further hair loss.

You need to take cold water shower because it will tighten your hair follicles preventing further permanent hair loss. It may be a bit annoying but it’s better than losing your hair after all.

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