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Beard Micropigmentation

Since the beard trend in men has been in every corner of the world, men without a beard would like to undergo aesthetic and cosmetic procedures like beard micropigmentation. During a standard beard micropigmentation procedure, pigments are deployed next to beard’s hair follicles to provide a good hair density on the face. Beard micropigmentation can only be performed in advanced hair clinics and hospitals.

Beard micropigmentation is good if candidates would like to live with a very short beard. It provides a topical effect on beard density only when it’s short. Since they’re not alive hair follicles, these pigments will go better if they have the same amount of size with the patients’ existing hair follicles.

Beard micropigmentation is generally preferred by those who are not eligible for a beard transplantation procedure. A possible beard transplantation procedure is considered the best way to get a good hair density on the face. So, it’s best to undergo a real beard transplantation procedure with FUE or DHI method if a candidate is eligible for it.

There are not so many complications that are associated with beard micropigmentation. People may have slight redness and itching on their faces during the early days of their recovery. These complications may get worse if patients scratch their faces with their fingers, rather nails. Since your nails have germs and microorganisms, you will increase the risk of infection if you interfere with your augmentation area like that.

Beard micropigmentation can be performed on any person who’s eligible for local or anesthetic administration. complications that were seen after aesthetic procedures are associated with anesthetic administration. Candidates who have serious heart conditions and health problems are not allowed to undergo such aesthetic procedures that involve anesthetic administration.

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