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Cause of Itchy Scalp

When we feel like someplace in our body itches, we first think of a possible mosquito bite. However, there are millions of things that may make your skin itch. For example, there may be several reasons for an itchy scalp like a hair transplantation procedure. Hair transplant surgery recovery can be considered a cause of itchy scalp because it’s actually your body’s reaction to the treatment.

There may be some other reasons for an itchy scalp situation as well. For example, dandruff is probably a common problem for millions of people. Dandruff can be seen in different shapes. Some dandruff types are like flakes, while some are dust-like.

In all dandruff situations, severe itching can be seen over the scalp. As we said at the beginning of our post, hair transplant procedures may cause the most severe itching because of the healing process.

During the early days of hair transplantation recovery, the microchannel wounds start healing themselves. Especially when the scabs show up, the itching reaches its the most severe level.

In order to get rid of the scalp itching, you can apply proper lotions, creams, and drugs to your scalp if you get the approval of your surgeon. You should always take prescription drugs, lotions, and creams. Those products you take without your surgeon’s knowledge may cause even more severe complications and endanger the safety of your hair transplantation procedure.

No matter how severe your itching is, you should not scratch your scalp, pull, or touch your hair. Your hands, rather your fingers have germs and microorganism which can’t be seen with naked eye. You may cause serious complications like infection if you interfere with your hair transplantation wounds using your fingers.

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