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Masturbation After Hair Transplant

You have no idea what kind of interesting questions that hair transplant patients ask. Some people want to know about the fate of their sex life during hair transplant recovery. People sometimes like asking questions that they already know the answers. If an action looks like it may be harmful to your hair transplant job, you are not supposed to do it. So, what about masturbation after a hair transplant? Is masturbation bad after hair transplant? Let’s take a look.

There are many urban legends that are associated with masturbation. Some people say that masturbation causes hair loss, some people claim that masturbation causes infertility, and some say that it causes weight loss.

However, all of them are completely wrong. It is true that you may get a bit tired if you masturbate too much, however, experts say that you can even masturbate 4-5 times a day which is not harmful to your health at all.

Similarly, masturbation after hair transplant should not be associated with any kind of complication or further hair loss seen after the procedure. Your healing process may slow down a bit because of intense masturbation, however, there is no proof for such a thing either.

Almost all of the rumors about masturbation are simply lies because there is scientific evidence that masturbation causes hair loss, hair transplant complication or failure, or infertility. Most post hair transplantation complications and problems are generally associated with how the patients take care of their hair during the recovery.

If you take the best care of your hair during the early days of recovery, then you don’t have anything to be afraid of.

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