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Not Enough Hair Density in Donor Area

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to speaking of eligibility requirements for a real hair transplantation procedure? Yes, you are right. The donor area is the most important thing that determines if you are eligible for a real hair transplantation procedure or not. One may have not enough hair density in the donor area for several reasons. Aging and severe hair loss types like male pattern baldness may also cause a considerable hair density decrease at the back of the head.

Surgeons of today do not accept to perform hair transplantation procedures on candidates who do not have sufficient hair follicles at the back of their heads. However, some surgeons may still accept such requests and they risk the success rate of their patients’ procedures.

Exhausted donor area situation is very rare these days because surgeons are more skilled and the patients are more careful after hair transplantation procedures. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, it is for your own best to try other options.

There are other eligibility requirements elements for a real hair transplantation procedure as well. However, none of them has a strong effect to determine if a person is eligible for hair transplantation or not.

Donor area hair follicle sufficiency is not the only eligibility element, if the donor area suffers from serious skin diseases like skin necrosis, surgeons may not want to take the risk for a real hair transplantation procedure.

Many people who are not considered eligible because of the lack of hair follicles prefer other options like artificial hair implants or scalp micropigmentation. However, scalp micropigmentation candidates should know that they will have to live with a buzz haircut style for the rest of their lives.

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