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Good Candidate For Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is considered one of the fastest-developing aesthetic procedures in the world. Just 20 years ago, the famous FUE method was highly criticized because of its high prices. But today, it’s almost inevitable to stay the same. Prices go down and the number of the methods increase, that’s the way of the men’s world. Today, the FUE method has become the most performed hair transplantation procedure in the world and both the performers and candidates of this method have been increasing. However, hair transplantation can not be performed to every person, even the best FUE itself can’t be good enough for some people. Our post mainly involves the question of what are the features of a good candidate for hair transplant.

A Standard Hair Transplantation Procedure Steps

During a hair transplantation surgery, the surgeon typically administers local and general anesthesia ( optional, the doctor determines ) to provide the best comfort to his/her patients. A certain number of hair grafts are extracted individually from the donor area of the scalp and is planted on the recipient area. After the surgery, the scalp is covered by a surgical bandage to prevent any external interference.

Is Everyone Suitable For Hair Transplant?

When it’s come to a surgical procedure, not everyone is considered suitable for sure. Here are the characteristics of people who are considered the best candidate for hair transplantation surgery:

  • He doesn’t have diabetes or any chronic disease that irregulates his metabolism and immune system.
  • He is not receiving any treatment in which strong chemicals are used. ( typically chemotherapy )
  • He has a good hair density on his donor area ( typically the back of the head )
  • He is not a hard smoker or drinker . Smoking and drinks are should be avoided before and after the surgery. Smoking reduces the healing and alcohol increases dehydration. Water is the most important thing required after hair transplantation surgery.

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