Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Hair Restoration Options

You are a young man who’s been suffering from male pattern baldness for years and wants to see some hair on his head? There are several hair restoration options for those who really miss the old days with high-density hair on the scalp.

The best way to see some natural results is a possible real hair transplantation procedure like FUE or DHI. Both follicular unit extraction and direct hair implantation are good at giving natural look on the candidates’ faces. The most important thing is the natural look when it comes to getting real hair transplantation. That’s the real hair transplant surgeries are the most performed hair restoration procedures in the world.

If you are okay with the buzz haircut style, I would like to introduce your scalp micropigmentation procedure. Little pigments are planted on the scalp to provide a fake hair density look. It is true that scalp micropigmentation gives a topical effect to your scalp but you will not be able to grow your hair any longer than the pigments.

You may need replacements for your pigments because they may deform in time depending on cases. If you want to use them for long-term periods, you should know that they may cost you more than a standard real hair transplantation procedure.

Artificial hair implantation procedures have also been a trend in the last years. Today’s procedures are not like those cutthroat procedures of the past and provide better natural results. However, you should not forget that they are not real hair plugs after all. You may have to take care of your artificial hair implants in different ways. You will have yo apply special cleaning products and chemicals to your hair implants to keep them fresh all the time.

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