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Male Pattern Hair Fall

Millions of people, mostly men, are affected by several types of hair loss every day. There are numerous types of hair loss and men are the number one victim of these problems. For example, male pattern hair fall or male pattern baldness is considered the worst among all the other hair loss types. It is transferred via heredity and there is no known cure for such a hair loss.

Male pattern hair fall mostly starts at younger ages, meaning that you can even suffer from such hair loss at high school. Male pattern baldness is so common almost every person has a young friend who’s life is ruined by it.

Male pattern hair fall generally starts with a receding hairline situation. Then it starts on the crown area as well. There are millions of so-called ways to fight against male pattern hair loss but almost none of them have been approved by any medical community.

There is evidence that any kind of medication completely cures male pattern baldness. There hair growth drugs like minoxidil but they simply help little and weak hair follicles grow a bit bigger, they do not treat male pattern baldness and they do not also create new hair follicles.

If you want to do your best about male pattern hair fall, your highest priority should be a possible hair transplantation procedure. A hair transplant job done with FUE or DHI methods is probably the best way to fight against a balding scalp.

Hair transplantation procedures almost guarantee that the newly transplanted hair follicles will not fall like the previous ones because they are extracted from the back of the head, where has the strongest hair follicles.

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