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Increasing Hair Density After Hair Transplant

When you are sure that you’ve been losing your hair for some time, you may start thinking of getting a hair transplant procedure in the future. Once you’ve considered a good candidate for a good hair transplant procedure, you are good to go. However, most hair transplant candidates feel like their transplanted hair is not growing after the hair transplant procedure. This is actually not sure because the scalp needs at least 9 months to itself from the procedure’s effects completely. Other than that, increasing hair density after a hair transplant is mostly on your hands and you should take good care of your transplanted hair during your recovery.

Some people do not have a high amount of hair density even if they do not experience a kind of hair loss. Some people, especially those with curly hair may have great hair density on their heads. However, hair loss can not be foreseen by just considering the density amount of the hair. Some people may even have lots of hair at the back of their heads. The back of the head is generally chosen as the donor area for hair transplant procedures. If you have a good amount of hair follicles at the back of your head, you may have a very successful hair transplant procedure in the future.

What To Do About Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

Most surgeons will advise you to consume healthy foods that are thought to be effective in tissue reconstruction and feeding. Healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains are your best friends during your recovery time. You may want to keep your hair short because even with the best hair transplant procedures, your hair will not look as it did in your 20’s.

Minoxidil is very effective in growing some hair on your head. Some surgeons prescript minoxidil for some of their patients. There will be some considerable amount of hair growth on your head, however, if you quit taking this drug, your hair strands that were affected by this drug will return its previous size.

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