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Baldness Cure

It is a common thing that you may see a 60-year-old man with a full-hair on his head and at the same time, a 20 old boy with a receding hairline. Every person has different physical characteristics and heredity. If you see a young fella with a receding hairline, you may conclude that he’s been suffering from male pattern baldness. However, male pattern baldness is just one type of hair loss. There are lots of other reasons for a balding hair, and a common baldness cure is nothing you simply apply on a balding head.

Most men are cursed with baldness, however, what they need to do first about this situation is to find out what is the reason behind their hair loss. Before finding out the real reason and take some action about the loss may result in even worse consequences. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for hair loss and possible cures for them in our post.

Hair Loss Reasons

The worst and the most common hair loss type is male pattern baldness. It is the situation that your hair is predisposed to fall out whatever you do to prevent this from happening. There is no way out from male pattern baldness unless you’re sure that it has stopped at some point and does not seem like your hair will fall out more, then you can consider a suitable hair transplantation procedure for your preferences.

High chemical treatments like chemotherapy aim to kill cancer cells on your body. However, it also kills healthy blood cells as well. This may leave some damage to your body, hair loss is the most common complication of chemotherapy treatment.

Depression and high stress may cause the rest phase to last longer than usual. The rest phase is a 3-month state of the hair in which hair strands fall out more than ever. It happens every 3 years and the hair recovers its loss after the rest phase has finished.

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