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Elton John Hair Transplant

Elton John, the legendary English musician is famous for his long-term successful career. He always managed to draw public attention with his colorful images, his choice of dresses, his style of jewelry and even his sexuality. He has become one of the most influential figures of British music. He reached his top fame in the ’70s, however, he was always troubled with his early balding hair. Elton John became a completely bald man in his 30s and tried many things to cover his pattern baldness. Having failed about his previous struggles, Elton John started considering a hair transplant procedure.

Elton John tried so many things during his career to cover his balding head like wigs, dense hair dye, and hats. People didn’t give so much attention to his loss but just like any other man, Elton John just couldn’t stand his hair loss as well. However, his completely bald head was being seen with good-density hair in the 80s. He later confessed that he had hair transplantation surgery two times.

Elton John’s Agonizing Hair Transplant

Elton John had his first hair transplantation procedure in the early 80s. He used hats to cover his after surgery wounds during his recovery time. According to a later interview with him, he stated that his procedure hadn’t worked at all and his hair started to fall out again.

Despite all the warnings to him, he convinced himself to get another hair transplant surgery again. After his surgery, he lost his newly transplanted hair after some time. Doctors told him before the surgery that he has a kind of pattern male baldness which means that his hair is predisposed to fall out, uncurable with any natural method.

Elton John now says that he had the most agonizing pain during both of his hair transplantation procedures, and he calls the sounds of hair extraction from his donor area ” rabbit gnawing a carrot “. He later gave up about his hair transplantation dreams and started to use most natural-looking wigs he could find.

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