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After Hair Transplant Swelling

Most people may think that hair transplantation procedures are easy to perform but they’re actually wrong. Hair transplantation surgeries may become so complicated depending on the case. Especially, almost every patient may experience different complications. For example, after hair transplant swellings are almost inevitable when it comes to considering hair transplantation surgery.

Before trying to understand what the real reason is behind swelling, you should first know that if the swelling you’re experiencing dangerous to your hair transplant or not.

If you’re not suffering a severe swelling, consulting your doctor may not be necessary. Almost every surgeon says that light swellings should be considered as the patient’s reaction to hair transplantation and of course, temporary. If they don’t turn into a worse condition, there will be no need for concern.

Severe Swelling After Hair Transplantation

If your swelling turns into such a condition in which your forehead and sometimes your eyelids ( typically just one eye area ) and the surrounding area is affected, you should immediately consult your doctor for prescription drugs before it gets any dangerous than this. The picture is just like what happens after a dangerous type of bee stings you on the cheek, neck or any other facial area.

The reason behind this kind of swelling could be the possibility of infection over the hair transplantation area. This is the worst scenario ever because if the infection spreads through the whole scalp, you will not only lose your newly transplanted hair but also may encounter a serious scalp disease.

Fighting Against Swellings

In order to fight against swellings, there are things that you should do or not. Everything about hair transplant recovery state applies for swellings, too. Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and smoking, watch your head during your sleep and protect your head from sunlight with hats or sunscreen.

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