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Prevent Receding Hairline

Receding hairline is a common problem among men. Men who suffer from an ongoing hair loss generally check every person’s hair, that’s a true obsession. Obsession of hair loss is another problem that makes men feel very desperate during their everyday life. There a couple of ways to prevent a receding hairline. For example, people may think that often hair wash is a good way to prevent massive hair loss. However, this is a common misconception and it’s almost the opposite of the truth. Your scalp produces a special oil for your hair follicles. An oily hair may be very annoying for most people but it’s actually good for your hair follicles. Your scalp’s oil feeds your hair follicles and makes them stronger. If you wash your hair too often, your hair follicles will not get the feeding they need so some of them may fall out.

Frontal hair loss is the most common hair loss type. It’s mostly caused by male pattern baldness which is transferred via heredity. If your dad is bald, you will probably be bald in the future, that’s a high possibility. Some people suffer from male pattern baldness very badly. They can completely lose their frontal and upper hair. However, some people may not suffer from severe male pattern baldness. These people may get hair restoration procedures to get their frontal hair density back. There is no cure for hair loss, this means that your loss is irreversible. Your scalp can not grow new hair but you can make your hair loss happen slower.

Hair Transplant Procedures

Most hair loss types are impossible to deal with, or you can’t be so sure if you’ve stopped it or not. The best option is always a hair transplantation procedure. A real hair transplant job involves the extraction and plantation of your existing hair follicles.

The back of your head is used as a donor area because those hair follicles are stronger than the others. They survived from your male pattern baldness problem and they will not fall on your frontal side as your previous hair follicles there did.

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