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Hair Plugs vs Transplant

Throughout years, the hair transplantation industry has been improved with the massive developments in technology. All these developments made new concepts and terms occur. These terms can be listed as; Follicle, graft, etc… However, there is also an old one; Hair plugs…

When a person decides to get a hair transplantation procedure, the first thing he/she would do is make a complete web search. As long as the person searches through the internet, the more confused about plastic surgery he/she may be. This post involves the clarification of the differences between Hair Plugs and Hair Transplants.

Hair Transplantation is a complete procedure itself in which follicular units or implants are taken from a donor site of the scalp and planted on the recipient site of it. Hair Plug is not actually a procedure, it’s a type of implant and consists of a few units of hair. It is mostly known as a strip unit and it’s used during a hair transplantation procedure.

Hair plugs are involved in almost every modern hair transplantation procedure. For example, FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction is considered one of the most successful and preferred hair transplantation methods, and it involves the extraction of follicular units from the donor area of the scalp and the plantation of these units on the recipient area of the scalp.

Hair Plugs on FUE

Follicular Units can be considered as smaller hair plugs because they include 1-3 hair units and the term hair plug was the ancient use of it. With the massive development of the technology, especially in the aesthetic industry, hair transplantation procedures now mostly involve the individual extraction of follicular units. Today’s most preferred, safest and successful method is FUE and the individual hair unit extraction gives the best results to the patients. The price of FUE is the most expensive one because of the session length. A typical FUE procedure may take 3 days of operation and this is the main reason for such high prices.

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