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Does Hair Transplant Fall Out?

There may be several reasons for balding hair. Poor nutrition, genetics, bad use of drugs, strong chemicals used to treat a serious disease ( chemotherapy ) are considered the main reasons for hair loss. There are several methods to treat or reduce the balding of the head, but none of them give the best results. Once a hair unit falls out, it really falls out and it’s not coming back, that’s a fact.

Almost every person who suffers from a balding hair attempts to cure the baldness with shampoos or a drug-like chemical. They all see the same results, failure… So this is where they start considering a hair transplantation procedure. However, after all of these failures, people may also think of possible failure that if their transplanted hair falls out of not. I guess they have the right to do so because this industry is a tricky business and some clinics may not be as innocent as they look.

What is the Success Rate of a Hair Transplant?

The person who suffers from a balding head should find out the reason behind his/her hair loss. There are people whose hair goes on falling out even after the hair transplantation procedure. If your hair is predisposed to fall out, we are really sorry to say this but there’s nothing to do about your situation. If your genetics tend to make it fall out, even with the best care, the only thing you can do is to make the balding slow.

However, beard and mustache transplantation procedures generally give the best results. The tissue on these areas bond perfectly with the transplant and it’s almost guaranteed not to fall out.

You can get the best and the most accurate answers to your questions from your doctor only. He/she examines your scalp for a possible hair transplantation procedure and tells you if you are suitable for it or not. Some people have weak hair roots so the follicles on the donor area may also tend to fall out after the procedure. If your hair is not strong enough to handle the procedure, you’re told that it’s your best not to take such surgeries.

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