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Hair Transplant Growth

For those who are really done with their thinning hair after years of struggle against it, we suggest a real solution: A real hair transplant procedure. Most people know that a real hair transplantation procedure is the best way to get new hair on the hair loss area. However, the number of those who are still not sure about such procedures is also high. There are actually a couple of reasons for these people’s hesitation over hair transplant procedures. For example, people still do not know how the hair transplant growth takes place after the procedure.

If you still do not know how a transplanted hair grows after the surgery, the first thing that you should know is that it takes really long time. After the hair transplantation procedure, it may even take up to 9 months to grow all the transplanted hair on your head.

However, hair transplantation growth may be different from case to case because of a complication called ” shock hair loss “. Shock hair loss hits almost every hair transplantation patient and causes all or some of their transplanted hair strands to fall.

If the shock hair loss is a tough one, the full recovery of the transplanted hair strands will take the longest time ever. In some cases, some of the transplanted hair strands fall and do not grow again which we call it a ” hair transplant failure “.

You need to wait for the transplanted hair follicles to adapt to their new location. During this time, you need to cover your head with a hat to prevent your scalp from sunlight exposure.

Some hair transplant surgeons may suggest finasteride or minoxidil, while some not. These products flash little and weak hair follicles on your head. These hair follicles grow hair strands but this does not mean that new hair shows up on your scalp. If you stop using these products, they will return to their previous size.

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