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DHI Hair Transplant Scabbing

Your body has such a perfect healing system in which your blood starts clotting after an injury over your skin. Depending on the size of your injury, your blood tries to barricade your wound. Minor cuts and injuries can perfectly be blocked by your clotting blood. This is where scabbing formations occur on your skin. Surgical procedures, especially aesthetic procedures are performed based on your body’s healing principles and capability. For example, an aesthetic procedure like DHI hair transplant involves the use of an implantation tool which helps surgeons plant hair follicles of their patients correctly. DHI hair transplant scabbing is almost inevitable even it’s one of the most pain-free and the least invasive hair transplant procedures ever.

DHI hair transplants have basic principles of FUE, follicular unit extraction. This means that your own hair follicles are taken from your donor area and planted on your recipient area where you’ve been suffering from a type of hair loss. Such aesthetic procedures can’t be performed without anesthetic drug administration. People have lots of misconceptions over hair transplant surgeries when they see these little ” hair follicles” being extracted during the procedures. However, every one of them is called individual body organs by experts. This means they may cause your scalp to bleed when they’re extracted from it or after planted on it.

Why There Are Scabbing On My Scalp?

Since it’s an invasive aesthetic procedure, independent bleeding on your plantation and extraction area can sometimes be inevitable. They do not experience massive bleeding but since there’s blood on your skin, there will be scabbing for sure. Your exposed scalp tissue is protected scabbing from harmful germs and microorganisms that may cause infection over your hair transplantation area.

You should not interfere with your hair during your early recovery. Once your scabbing on your scalp completely heals your skin, it will fall out and you can start washing your hair.

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