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Why DHI Hair Transplant?

Everything gets a bit tricky when it comes to purchasing a procedure, especially an aesthetic one. You need to make a lot of legwork and internet search in order to decide what is best for you. Especially hair transplantation procedures can sometimes be very hard to choose. Most people who’ve been devastated by a type of hair loss know about FUE and DHI procedures. They are the two leading hair transplantation procedures on the market and can be performed in almost every corner of the world. So Why FUE? Why DHI Hair Transplant? The most important reason why people generally choose these two is associated with the natural results provided by them.

FUE, Follicular Hair Extraction, is the most common hair transplantation procedure in the industry. DHI, Direct Hair Implant, is also similar to FUE in terms of procedure steps. Both procedures are considered the best when it comes to providing the best natural appearance to their candidates. The best natural results are associated with the candidates’ ethnicity look. This means that Chinese candidates should have straight hair, and African candidates should have curly hair after their hair transplant procedures. You can not simply plant hair follicles just like how you do that on a wavy-haired person, it’s weird and identical.

Pros and Cons of Direct Hair Implant

The primary reason for a DHI procedure is the natural look. It involves the use of high-end equipment that can make the robotic calculation for hair follicles extraction and plantation process. This is the main element behind the natural results.

High-end equipment use provides better and faster healing to the scalp. Since the angles and depth of implanter item shots are performed according to robotic calculations, candidates will enjoy better and faster recovery after their DHI procedures. However, the only bad thing about DHI is its price on the market. DHI procedures are more expensive than FUE procedures and can’t be performed in every aesthetic clinic.

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