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DHI Hair Transplant In Istanbul

There are numerous hair transplantation methods in the world but not all of them provide the best natural appearance to candidates. A hair transplant candidate always looks for the best hair transplantation procedures at the lowest prices possible. The best hair transplant procedures meeting this criterion are DHI, direct hair implant and FUE, follicular hair transplant methods. FUE is the most performed hair transplant procedure in the world. DHI is very similar to FUE but it’s more advanced and expensive as well. Both hair transplant procedures can be performed in health tourism destinations like Istanbul, the unofficial capital of Turkey. Even DHI hair transplant in Istanbul is very famous among tourists wishing to visit the country for such purposes.

Direct hair implant procedures require high-end medical equipment and staff. Numerical calculations are done by robotic devices so that patients will enjoy the best natural appearance after their procedure. Technological capabilities of aesthetic clinics do not scale with the development of their home country. You may even have a chance to see the most advanced aesthetic clinics in the poorest countries in the world. Since the currency factor determines the fate of health tourism, tourists will always visit these countries as long as their currency value remains lower than visitors’ currency.

Should I Get DHI Hair Transplant In Istanbul?

Let’s get straight here. It’s being cheap does not mean that it’s a cutthroat procedure. You’ve no idea how skillful surgeons there are in Turkey. Most aesthetic clinics located in Istanbul have their own offices outside the country. Check your country if any of these clinics have an office in your country.

Developing countries are generally good at health tourism. Turkey is considered the leading country in this industry, Pakistan comes next. Once you’ve checked your options, before and after photos of clinics and read every critic about them, you are free to choose a Turkish clinic. Do not fall for smear campaigns because competitions of Turkish clinics have noticed that their market has been invaded by them.

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