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Reducing Redness After Hair Transplant

When it comes to talking about an aesthetic procedure like hair transplantation, some complications are almost inevitable. However, they should not be called complications. For example, some hair transplant candidates complain about their hair loss after their hair transplant procedures. These patients do not know that their immune system attacks their hair follicles after some time making them fall out. New fresh hair strands will grow though. Similarly, some people may suffer from redness after their hair transplantation procedure. These people generally do not know a thing about reducing redness after hair transplant.

Redness after hair transplant should also be associated with the recovery process in which the body’s immune system targets hair follicles planted on the scalp. It is actually a kind of body reaction to your hair transplantation procedure. You may experience inflammation and scratch over your scalp during your recovery. These both may also make redness on your scalp as well. If you do not severe redness on your scalp you do not have to do anything about it, the best thing you should do is wait. If you suffer from severe redness in your hair transplantation area, you should immediately see your surgeon.

When Redness After Hair Transplant Disappears

You can see that the redness in your scalp will disappear in time. They are considered the slightest complications of standard hair transplantation procedures. They are not expected to stay longer than two weeks, however, how long they will be staying is generally based on the cases.

When you realize that they don’t seem like they’re disappearing, you should consult your surgeon about your situation. Do not take any medication by yourself without your surgeon’s knowledge. Take prescription drugs suggested by your surgeon only. Taking some medicine without your surgeon’s notice may result in even more severe complications.

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