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How Long It Will Take Transplanted Hairs To Grow

Most people who consider getting a hair transplantation surgery soon wonder one thing the most, how long it will take transplanted hairs to grow. There are billions of people and all of them have different body measurements and characteristics. Hair growth can be different from person to person. Some people’s hair grows very fast while some grow with the speed of a turtle.

A hair transplantation procedure may change the growing speed of your hair because of several reasons. For example, thousands of multiple microchannels are opened for a standard hair transplantation procedure, you already know that. These microchannels need some time to recover themselves from hair transplant surgery wounds. That’s why transplanted hair follicles may need more time than usual to grow themselves.

Most hair transplant patients suffer from a specific type of hair loss during the recovery. This kind of hair loss does not cause permanent hair fall, however, it causes hair follicles to grow hair slower than usual. Experts say that it may even take up to 15 months to fully grow new hair after the hair transplantation procedures.

This hair loss is called “shock hair loss” and almost every hair transplantation patient suffers from it sometime after the procedures. The lost hair strands will grow themselves after a really long time, but it’s for sure though, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Based on the cases, hair transplant surgeons may suggest the use of some hair growth products like minoxidil and finasteride to make the little and weak hair follicles to grow. Such products are also known for their speed-up effects on transplanted hair follicles. However, when you stop taking them, your little and weak hair follicles may return to their previous shape.

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