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Hair Transplant DHI – What Should You Know

Hair Transplant DHI is one of the application methods used in hair transplantation operations which is one of the most preferred operations in recent years. It is also known as pen technique or direct hair transplantation. Although the DHI is a new method, it is highly preferred due to the advantages it provides.

Hair Transplant DHI is an application in which quality hair follicles are selected and collected from the donor area and are placed in the transplantation area with the help of special pens. 

A pen-like medical device helps the placement of grafts in the DHI method. Since it can perform grooving and root placement at the same time, it also enables roots to be planted in a shorter time. 

The DHI hair transplant procedure, which is performed with local anesthesia, starts with the loosening of the hair follicles with the help of a special device and collecting them one by one. 

Advantages Of Hair Transplant DHI

In a hair transplant DHI, hair follicles can be transplanted more frequently. In this way, planting will result in a much more natural appearance. The medical Pen-like device not only makes it easier to determine the planting angle of the hair follicles but also makes holes in the transplant area with the width of the hair follicle. Thus, the damage caused by the operation is minimal. In this method of application without incision, bleeding is almost non-existent. Since the damage caused by the operation is minimal, the healing process is very fast. DHI method does not harm existing hair.

Hair transplant DHI, which provides the chance of direct transplantation to the required area, provides an extra advantage to people whose hair loss is not completed. Grafts can be planted in a shorter time since grooving and root placement can be done at the same time. In hair transplantation using the DHI method, hair follicle loss is minimal during and after the operation. It is an application method preferred by women as there is no need to shave the existing hair. There is no scarring after hair transplantation using the DHI method.

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