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Diet After Hair Transplant

Many people do not watch the foods they eat during their recovery from hair transplant surgery. After any kind of medical operation, you need to prepare a diet for yourself. Diet after hair transplant will affect your recovery process in a good way.

Since your scalp tissue is wounded because of your hair transplant surgery, you need to prefer constructive foods to speed up your healing process. You need to consume lots of proteins, especially fish meat. However, the most important thing for your body is always water. You should consume lots of water everyday tot just after a medical procedure, but during your whole life.

Water will help your body recover from hair transplant wounds faster and better. You should support this approach with some other actions. For example, you need to stop or lower your alcohol consumption. Alcohol may cause dehydration in your body. If you’re a hard smoker, you may want to quit it as well because smoking increases the risk of dehydration, too.

There is no limitation for your nutrition, you can eat whatever you want as long as it’s fresh and healthy. You should always stay away from fatty foods, not only because of your hair transplantation surgery.

If you eat fatty foods too often, you may suffer from extreme oily scalp situation. This may cause your scalp to work more than ever. You would not want to force your wounded scalp to work hard during your hair transplantation recovery.

You do not have to see a dietitian for a diet plan after hair transplantation. You can eat every fruit, vegetable as long as it’s fresh and healthy. You can also drink fresh fruit juices, it’s good for you. Anything that can boost your tissue regeneration is allowed.

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