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Why Is DHI Expensive?

Why Is DHI Expensive

If you are reading this, you already know what hair transplantation methods are. But if you recently decided to get a hair transplant, you may already wonder why DHI is the most expensive hair transplantation method.

Hair Transplantation Procedures

For those unfamiliar with hair transplantation procedures, let’s remind those shortly which methods are used for hair transplant procedures. Currently, there are three main hair transplant methods used in hair transplant.

  1. FUT, follicular unit transplantation, is the oldest methods used in hair transplant
  2. FUE, follicular unit extraction, is the most preferred methods used in hair transplant
  3. DHI, direct hair implementation, is the most advanced techniques used in hair transplant

Differences Between Hair Transplant Methods

When you consider how these hair transplant methods vary from one another, it is easy to see why DHI is the most expensive procedure used in hair transplant.

Basically, all the procedures are done in the same method. Hair follicles are extracted from stable or donor areas and implanted in the recipient region by doctors. When we say donor area, we mean the area from which hair follicles are removed, which is usually the back of your head, and when we say recipient area, we mean the area from which hair loss, baldness, or alopecia occurs.

However, these procedures vary in terms of the techniques used during the extraction from the donor area or hair graft placement in the recipient area.

This argument explains why DHI is the more costly approach of these three. DHI uses a pen-like instrument to implant extracted hair follicles into the recipient region. Using this pen-like device, more hair follicles can be transplanted during the operation. In addition, since this system makes its incision when implanting the hair, surgeons do not need to make cuts in the recipient region while implanting the extracted hair follicles.

Overall, the DHI approach is more costly than other approaches because it is more efficient due to its technology. So, if you are considering DHI or different approaches to treat your hair loss issue, please contact us by filling out the form below or continue reading for more information on hair transplant techniques.

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