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Frontal Baldness

Frontal baldness is a result of a receding hairline. People may have different types of hair loss. A receding hairline mostly is a result of male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness can not be cured with medical ways or home remedies. However, the best solution for this could be a possible hair transplantation procedure.

Frontal Baldness is considered the nightmare of men, especially those who experience it during their early ages. It may be caused by several hair loss types, however, most natural hair loss types happen during the hair’s rest phase

The rest phase is the time when hair enters a resting state in which hair strands fall out more than ever. During the whole 3 months of the rest phase, hair strands keep falling out in big numbers typically make people nervous. The rest phase takes place every 3 years and a healthy hair regrows all the lost hair strands after the rest phase has ended.

High stress, depressions, and again, heredity factors may rest phase last longer than its usual. The scalp will not be able to recover all of its lost and the person ends up with thinning hair.

Frontal Baldness Cure

Frontal Baldness can not be cured with any medical or home methods. The only surgical way is to get a hair transplantation procedure. If you have enough hair density on the back of your head, almost all surgeons will accept your procedure and perform your hair transplantation surgery.

The most known hair transplantation method is FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction. It’s preferred by both surgeons and the hair transplant candidates most. FUE is famous for its natural results. Since the follicular units are adjusted in angle and deepness by the surgeon or robotic instruments, no other hair transplantation method could give the natural results that an ordinary FUE procedure gives.

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