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Short Hair Transplant

There are a couple of questions that a hair transplantation candidate would ask before he gets a procedure. One of the most frequently asked questions involves the options of hair transplants that are related to the length of hair strands. If an individual can get a long hair transplant or short hair transplant, whether the short hair transplant is the best or the long one, we would like to give you some summarization over such subjects in our post.

To answer such questions, one should first understand how a newly transplanted hair grows back after the hair transplantation surgery. Most people feel very upset when they see their newly transplanted hair strands are falling after hair transplant.

They mostly conclude that their hair is balding again. However, that’s not true the transplanted hair always falls after some time and new hair strands will grow from the scalp. That is something very important when it comes to understanding how a hair transplantation procedure works.

Short Hair or Long Hair Transplant?

In order to understand the aesthetic world, you should be such an observer. Why all the people get hair transplant procedures that involve the shortest hair strands? For example, when thinking about hair implants, you’ll see that most of them include long hair strands. The only reason behind this is they are not actually living-hair strands. They don’t have roots that are directly fed from the scalp itself.

On the other hand, when it comes to a real hair transplant, a patient’s own hair follicles are used to cover his recipient area. A hair implant is not extracted from a donor area of the person as it is in real hair transplant procedures.

Since the transplanted hair strands fall out after the hair transplantation surgery, it is pointless to use long hair strands for the procedures. Surgeons don’t perform hair transplantation in which long hair follicles are used.

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