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Women’s Hair Transplant

People may find it weird when it comes to talking about women’s hair transplant. It is also rare that we see women with a balding head. Women’s hair is generally stronger than men. Female pattern baldness does not hit so many women. However, male pattern baldness is very famous for ruining most men’s lives. These hair losses generally cause frontal hair loss in the beginning, this is later combined with the hair loss at the top of the head. Women generally experience frontal hair loss and complete thinning on the whole scalp.

Black women generally experience frontal hair loss. Despite the hair density of the scalp still remains good, frontal hair loss can still be seen clearly in women. There is no cure for any type of hair loss. Your best option is a possible and real hair transplant procedure. It can be very hard for a woman to decide if she should undergo a hair transplant procedure or not because most surgeons perform their hair transplant procedures with full-shave methods. A full-shaved scalp is a nightmare for most women because hair is the most powerful image that reflects the female look. Women are proud to demonstrate their hair with the public.

However, one should know that transplanted hair will fall out during the early days of hair transplant recovery. Since the immune system attacks the transplanted hair follicles, this kind of fall is almost inevitable. So it is pointless to keep the rest of your long hair because you can’t cover your loss with your existing long hair. These fallen hair strands will grow back from your hair follicles slowly. However, you will need to wait for a long time to see your full long hair again.

We know that it’s hard for you to leave your hair on its own for some time, but you should do it. You should not wash your hair for the first 4-5 days of recovery. A hair transplant recovery process can be very tough to most women but nobody would like to experience a hair transplant fail after all…

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