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What is Postpartum Hair loss?

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and wonderful things that every woman can experience in one day. Although it the most wonderful experience for a woman, you may encounter some physical and hormonal changes that you never want. Hair loss after pregnancy is one of them.

Many experts say that it is normal to lose a hundred hair per day. Hair loss occur when more than usual hair enters into the shedding phase. Several reasons may force your hair enter into the shedding phase more than normal. A stressful event, some ilnesses, some medications, aging, and hormonal changes can be shown as reasons to lead hair loss.

As we mentioned above, any fluctuations or changes in your hormone levels are the major reasons for hair loss. When you are pregnant, your hormone levels will increase, including estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin.

Although any increase in hormone levels leads to hair loss, you will lose your hair after the baby comes out because high-level estrogen protects your existing hair. Thus, you shed hair less than normal when you are pregnant. However, when the baby comes out, your hormone levels will decrease, and this condition may lead to postpartum hair loss.

You can prevent postpartum hair loss by doing some treatment methods. One of the most effective ways to prevent any type of hair loss is eating well. You need to consume foods that include iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, beta carotene, omega-3s, and magnesium. You shouldn’t brush your hair too hard during hair loss because it may lead to falling out more hair than normal. Also, you can use volumizing shampoo to add volume to your hair after the pregnancy.

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