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Reasons for Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is probably one of the worst hair problems of people. Especially women are generally troubled with hair breakage because most of them have long hair. There can be several reasons for hair breakage. However, the primary reason for hair breakage is always haircare.

If you do not want any trouble with your hair, you need to do your best about it. You need to take care of your hair very well and avoid consuming hair shaper products too often. These products will definitely hurt your hair follicles and cause hair breakage and hair loss.

People always think that the intense wash of hair is the best thing to keep it alive. However, this is one of the most common misthoughts upon haircare because it’s actually harmful to your hair follicles.

The more you wash your hair, the less scalp oil will be left on your scalp. Your hair follicles feed themselves from the scalp oil. This special oil keeps them alive and makes your hair look fresh and maybe a bit oily sometimes.

If you wash it too often, scalp oil will mostly go away and this will result in dryness over your scalp. Dryness will cause hair breakage and hair loss over your scalp, that’s a fact. You need to keep the oil balance on your scalp, meaning that you should not wash your hair too often.

Hair breakage can be seen if you have long hair as well. Some people do not have strong hair follicles. Their hair strands are so thin and they suffer from breakage so easily. Since there’s no way to make hair strands thicker than they are, the best solution is changing your hairstyle, try shorter hair.

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