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Long-Term Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair transplant procedures of today are quite easy to perform these days. The latest development of technology has caused a great improvement in the hair transplantation industry. Today, the success rate of a standard hair transplantation procedure reaches up to 99%. However, since it’s still an invasive medical procedure, hair transplantation procedures have risks. There are a couple of long-term hair transplant side effects that may hit some patients because of several reasons.

Today, the most performed hair transplant procedures are DHI and FUE. People from all over the world visit other countries for such hair transplantation procedures. Countries like Turkey are considered the biggest health tourism destinations by most people. Clinics in Turkey perform low-cost high-quality hair transplant procedures that are sold in packages. These packages include airport transportation fees, the hair transplant procedure, and hotel expenses.

No matter how good hair transplant jobs you have, possible side effects are sometimes inevitable. For example, shock hair loss is a type of hair loss that hits hair transplant patients sometime after the procedures. It is not certain that every hair transplant patient suffers from shock hair loss but most of them do. However, the good thing is that it’s not a permanent complication.

Shock hair loss causes a massive hair loss on the scalp but in most cases, the lost hair strands grow back on the scalp again. However, why we call it aa long-term complication is just because of the time it takes for your hair follicles to completely grow back.

It really takes a long time for you scalp to make up your hair strand loss during hair transplant recovery. Experts say that it may even take up to 9 months to see your complete hair density on your scalp after the hair transplant.

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