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Women’s Thinning Hair

There may be several reasons for women’s thinning hair. Men and women may have the same type of hair losses but men are mostly cursed with lots of hair loss types. It is a rare thing to see a balding woman, especially one who suffers from a receding hairline. Women’s thinning hair is a rare thing but the number of women who considerably lose their overall hair density has been increasing recently.

Hair is an identical component in women’s bodies. Women are so associated with their hair. Especially long hair is commonly seen as a sign of femininity. We said that women’s hair loss is very rare but once it happens, it’s devastation for a woman. Especially black women experience frontal hair loss because of possible female pattern baldness. Hair breakage and receding hairline are mostly seen in black women.

However, we can’t be so sure if some are hit by a particular type of hair loss. There are lots of hair loss types. Shock hair loss, male and female pattern baldness, alopecia areata, hair loss caused by depression are the most common hair loss types seen in both males and females.

There are a couple of ways to increase the hair density on the frontal side of the scalp. Hair restoration jobs can be performed to repair hair breakage areas on the scalp. FUE, follicular unit extraction, or DHI, direct hair implant methods can be used during these hair restoration procedures.

Enough amount of hair follicles are extracted from the patients’ scalp and planted on the places where they experience hair breakage and hair loss caused by female pattern baldness. Since these hair follicles are generally extracted from the back of the head, they are supposed to be resistant to female or male pattern baldness. This means that they will not fall out just like the previous ones did.

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