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Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

Today, it’s almost impossible to miss anything related to the improvements in the aesthetic services of clinics. There are several ways used during a hair transplantation procedure. FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction is the most common method preferred by the aesthetic surgeons. There are numerous advantages of FUE Hair Transplant and we would like to tell you the most important ones here in our post.

A balding head is not only a curse to men, but can also be a nightmare to women. There was always something missing in most of the hair transplantation procedures performed in the future, the natural look. FUE method is considered the best because today, it gives the best natural results. Both men and women today can enjoy these results after the bad experiences of people living in the past.

Why FUE?

The main reason for hair transplant candidates to choose FUE is the natural results, and this is the fact. However, there are more other factors that are considered the reasons for choosing FUE.

First, it is an almost non-invasive hair transplantation method. The surgical instrument used for the extraction of the hair follicles is one of the best and the scars won’t be visible after the procedure.

FUE method involves the extraction of the hair follicles individually. In some cases, hair follicles from chest or beard can also be used for the hair transplant. However, hair follicles taken from the back of the scalp give the most natural-looking appearance. Follicles in the beard and chest are different from those on the scalp.

Most patients return work within the first three days of the hair transplantation procedure. Some complications are almost inevitable, however, most people recover from the wounds with the least complications like light pain.

The success rate of the FUE method has reached %90 today. There are so many people who reported whose procedures had gone wrong and ruined their lives in the past. However, a few failure cases have been reported until today and most of them are surgeon-based.

In order to receive the best FUE hair transplantation, you need to be extra careful when choosing the best hair transplant surgeon. Unskilled extraction or plantation of the hair follicles may cause your hair transplant to fail and you may face the worst scenario ever, a repair surgery.

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