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Do Health Insurances Cover Hair Transplant Procedures?

Millions of people have low-density hair or are experiencing serious hair loss problems. You can be one of them, and a variety of factors can be the main reason for your hair loss. Hair transplant procedures are considered the only solution for this problem. But, with a maximum of $15000 price, these procedures can be expensive. The only way to get these treatments for those who couldn’t afford the cost of the procedure is through health insurance. Well, do health insurances cover hair transplant procedures?

Health Insurances Usually Doesn’t Cover Hair Transplantation

First things first, let’s answer that question. Hair transplant procedures aren’t covered by any health insurance plan. When creating health insurance coverage, your health reasons are usually taken into consideration. If you lose your hair as a result of male pattern baldness and request coverage for a hair transplant, your insurer will almost certainly deny your request.

On the other hand, if you had a serious skin illness that resulted in permanent hair loss, things may work differently. If you state that your mental health has deteriorated due to baldness, and you are considering a hair transplant treatment, you may still have a chance to benefit from health insurance.

My Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Hair Transplant Expenses

If you could not cover your hair transplant with your health insurance, you still have the option of health tourism. There are countries where hair transplant clinics offer high-quality procedures at low prices. One of them is Turkey.

For instance, you can get a hair transplant procedure in Turkey at least 5 times cheaper than one in London. Some people think that these procedures can be cutthroat, however, the reason why they’re so cheap in Turkey is about the currency difference between the countries. So, you can get the same quality and the same success level on a hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

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