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Hair Transplant Long-Term Side Effects

People always wonder if there are any hair transplant long-term side effects when they consider getting surgery. Long-term hair transplant side effects can be a result of poor surgeries carried out by unskilled surgeons or non-eligible hair transplant candidates. However, severe hair transplantation complications are very rare when we think of the total hair transplant candidate population every year.

There is an annoying complication which is not sometimes called as a complication, the shock hair loss. The transplanted hair strands fall out sometime after the hair transplantation procedure. Some people may suffer from such loss on a severe level. In most cases, hair strands lost because of shock hair loss will return.

Despite the fact that it’s a temporary hair loss, people may get hesitant about hair transplantation because of the shock hair loss. Besides, all of the patients are told that it may take up to 9 months for their scalp to recover all of the transplanted hair back.

Another important hair transplantation side effect is swelling. All hair transplant patients should rest at home and minimize their movement during their early recovery. However, many hair transplant candidates generally do not obey this rule and experience severe swelling. Swelling is temporary and generally disappears 4-5 days after hair transplant surgery.

During the early recovery, you may suffer from severe itching until your scabs on your donor and recipient areas fall out. Itching is not harmful to your body’s and your hair follicles’ health. However, if the itching becomes unbearable, you should visit your doctor for prescription drugs, lotions, and creams.

You should avoid taking drugs without your doctor’s knowledge. Any drugs, lotions, and creams used without being prescripted may endanger your hair strands’ health. You should also wait for your scalp scabs to fall out to be able to expose it to water and sunlight.

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